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In looking toward the future, The Bernie Mac Foundation is also dedicated to promoting positive imaging and messaging to today's youth. Bernie himself was a kid at heart and loved taking time to spend with children, providing encouragement through his stories of overcoming the odds. He was after all, "Uncle Bernie," and the Bernie Mac Foundation would like to continue to keep "Uncle Bernie" alive by implementing our Uncle Bernie's Kids program.

Through Uncle Bernie's Kids, the Bernie Mac Foundation will work to provide positive messaging to youth within the Chicago land area and more in an effort to build their self-esteem, motivation, personal and academic success. We are pleased to lend our support to youth. Bernie Mac Foundation Staff supports youth in various ways which reflect in our willingness to provide encouragement via speaking engagements in schools and throughout the community. We want to help youth reach their potential and maximize their learning experience. We want students to have a successful school experience and a productive life beyond school. Through sharing some of "Uncle Bernie" trials and triumphs and our personal stories, we hope that youth can relate and find a sense of self-discovery.

Most recently, thanks to the many supporters who visited the River Oaks Shopping Center in Calumet City, Illinois on December 7, 2013 to donate toys to the Bernie Mac Foundation's 4th Annual Holiday Toy Drive! Bernie Mac Foundation supporters and contributors met Bernie Mac's widow, Rhonda R. McCullough and foundation staff. We also extend our gratitude to owner, Tondalah Stroud and staff of F.O.G. Cosmetics for their support. We are pleased to announce the following recipients for our 4th Annual ToyDrive: Sanctuary Women and Children Shelter, Stepping Stone Learning Day Care Center, Primo's Women's Shelter and private families. We are very grateful to all and thank you for supporting Uncle Bernie's Kids.

“Children need models rather than critics”
Joseph Joubert





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